Terms & Conditions for vendor

  1. Your relevance to MammonO

1.1 “www. MammonO.com”, hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider”

1.2 Anything you use, whether it’s products, software, services, or the provider’s website Which is further referred to as “service”

1.3 You, the user of the service, either part or all of the service provider. Which will be called “User” which can be separated as follows

1.3.1 Product owner or person who brings products to distribute on the website through service provider. Which is further referred to as “seller”

1.3.2 The person who purchases products and / or uses the seller’s website. Which is further referred to as “buyer”.

  1. The user agrees to abide by the terms and conditions.

2.1 By using the service of service provider, the user needs to understand and accept all terms and conditions of service provider.

2.2 It is assumed that the user understands and accepts the terms and conditions. If doing the following

2.2.1 The service user clicks the button agree and accepts the terms. Which the service provider will have a choice to accept or not first, or show the user acceptance notice before clicking the OK button.

2.2.2 The Subscriber uses the Service of the Operator, in which case the Subscriber must agree that the Service Provider shall be deemed that the Subscriber understands and accepts the terms and conditions. Since starting to use the service onwards

2.3 The subscriber should print the terms and conditions of the service provider as a memorandum of the subscriber.

  1. Terms and conditions of service provider

The service provider reserves the right not to provide the following merchant websites.

3.1 Websites that are used for any purpose other than buying-selling

3.1.1 Website for product announcement

3.1.2 Link website

3.1.3 Intermediate websites

3.1.3 Affiliate product sales websites, etc.

3.2 Illegal or contrary to the good morals of Thailand, such as infringement of other people’s copyrights, intimidation of websites related to pornography, or sexually explicit content, sex, prostitution. Including websites containing links to pornographic websites

3.3 Related to network business And products sold with a commission based relationship This includes item pages that are primarily made up of advertisements.

3.4 related to multi-tiered marketing (MLM) or any other business that recruits and awards other recruiting members. And / or selling services

3.5 Found fraud and fraud in buying-selling In any event (past and present), the service provider reserves the right to decide what is considered fraud.

3.6 About Hacker, Warez, Crack, distribute viruses, worms, trojans or other related illegal software.

3.7 Deceive others by making false statements. Hype Or conceal the actual message which should be told to inform

3.8 Applications that affect the system and system resources such as excessive CPU utilization, Email usage beyond hacking limits, IRC Bots program usage, or use of any program that results in Affect the operation of the system And the service provider reserves the right to consider that Which use is an over-use?

3.9 Is the email area or other resource serviced? Go redistributed to others in a free manner. Also known as Free email and Free Hosting

3.10 Commercial Mass Emailing or “Spamming” is performed under any circumstances, such as sending unsolicited advertisements to other e-mails, sending e-mails using a non-commercial return address, Send a chain message to generate a large number of replies. And sending the same message repeatedly to others

3.11 Contains information and files On the server of the service provider is infected with malware under any circumstances.

3.12 operations are added, changed or deleted. Such as shopping cart, creating a symbol or image of yourself, delusions of the system, placing an image over the MammonO bar (the web top location bar). Show various information), etc.

If the service provider detects the merchant website that violates the agreement Will resume the service immediately Without any refund of any service fee and without prior notice The service provider reserves the right to determine whether the store is wrong or not. If there is any dispute The provider’s decision is final.

  1. Distribution Agreement

4.1 Service Provider wishes that the Subscriber can sell products only through the store system. However, service providers allow them to use their services in the form of announcements for the sale of their products such as real estate, cars, etc.

4.2 The service provider reserves the right not to provide service on the merchant website. Selling or promoting products this link

If the service provider detects the merchant website that violates the agreement Will resume the service immediately Without any refund of any service fee and without prior notice The service provider reserves the right to determine whether the store is wrong or not. If there is any dispute The provider’s decision is final.

  1. Terms of Service Charge and Change of Service

Service providers provide various services Which is divided into service models and charges as follows.

5.1 Online shop service Website storage and use of data transmission through the provider’s server Including various online store operation systems

5.2 Special upgrade service is the system in the online shop. Or other services That the service provider has specified The service will be charged at different times, which can be days, months or years if the service expires. The subscriber must renew to be able to use the upgrade service. However, the subscriber may or may not use the upgrade service specified by the service provider. It does not affect the service of online shops that do not charge service fees according to clause 5.1.

5.3 Service Providers may modify the form of service. Which may adjust the service fee at a higher level Or lower, which will give notice 7 days in advance.

5.4 In the event of a reduction in service fees The service provider reserves the right to return the service fee and allow the user to pay the new service fee upon renewal.

5.5 In the event of an increase in service fees Existing users shall use the same service fee for renewal. Unless otherwise stated in advance And new users will apply according to the new service rates The service will start from the day the service fee is paid.

  1. Service Provider Agreement

The user must understand and accept Provider services are as follows:

6.1 The service provider is only responsible for providing services for facilitating the purchase of goods between buyers and sellers. The service provider is not involved in any way. With the seller’s product in any way

6.2 Products distributed by the Seller through the Website through the Service Provider. Including any information It is assumed that the seller is the owner of the product or information. And the seller understands the operator’s regulations very well

6.3 If the Subscriber has breached the terms of this contract Or fraud in buying-selling products The service user is obliged to compensate for the damage resulting from such actions to the service provider. And / or others who have been damaged Or being violated from all such cases Including having to be prosecuted according to the law

6.4 Service Provider will not be responsible for any damages or compensation. If the user is deceitful or defrauding property from other users But the service provider is happy to provide the best assistance in regaining the user’s property back. In addition, the service provider will show the store’s reliability at that online store. To provide information for service users to make decisions on how to buy products

6.5 Service Provider makes no warranties that The service will be continuously available without stopping. Or without any defect, and service provider is not responsible for intentional actions Or by negligently performing third-party functions, such as Internet connection problems. Jamming in the channel Internet network Communication errors, natural disasters, terrorism, fire or temporary interruptions And from the problem that is not a problem of the service provider

6.6 Service Provider will reimburse the cost of the services in proportion. If the service provider terminates the service contract by themselves only such as termination of service, abolition or failure to continue to provide service. And the service provider is not responsible for indemnification other than the service fee paid by the service provider only.

  1. Backup Agreement

The service provider is not responsible in the event that the information within the website is lost in any way. Or due to a fault of the equipment As a force majeure Although the service provider will have a backup service for the user. But we cannot guarantee that That information will be accurate and complete. Therefore, the subscriber should always have at least one set of data backups. However, the service provider is always happy to assist in retrieving the data.

  1. Agreement on data and password security.

8.1 Subscriber must keep the information and password used with service provider very well. The service provider stores the information in a safe place. And the service provider is not responsible for any damage to the website or information arising from the negligence of the service user.

8.2 The user agrees to be responsible for the service provider. For all activities that occur under the user’s account

8.3 In the event that the user forgets any password The user can request a new password through the method specified by the service provider. The service provider will set a new password. And notify via email only used to order that service

8.4 If the user suspects that the information or password has been stolen. Allows the user to change the password immediately. And need to inform the service provider as well

9.Agreement for the retention of personal data and content

9.1 For information that the service provider maintains Let your users read the privacy policy of the MammonO website at their privacy policy. This policy explains how we collect data. And protecting personal information That users need to be aware of

9.2 The service user accepts us to collect, use and disclose your personal information. Under the privacy policy of the MammonO website.

10.Withdrawal of the seller
The withdrawal request has the following terms of service.
10.1 The Seller can request a withdrawal from the system at the expiry 20 days after the Order is in Status. “Completed